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The Law Office of Amanda J. Cook

The Law Office of Amanda J. Cook is a full service family law firm located in Gig Harbor, Washington. Because we limit our work to only one area of the law, we do it exceptionally well.

In addition to knowing the mechanics of a divorce, child support, or custody case, we understand relationships. Relationships are emotional and emotions drive motives. There is no other area of law in which the process is so affected by the emotions.

Many family law attorneys will attempt to treat a divorce as a sterile business transaction, refusing to acknowledge the emotional element. We think that’s a mistake. Your attorney serves you best when he or she understands the motives of your opponent, and in family law, those motives are typically driven by people’s emotions.

Think about it: You wouldn’t want the weird sound in your car to be diagnosed by an auto mechanic who doesn’t consider all systems under the hood. You wouldn’t want your chest pain to be diagnosed by a doctor who looks at the pulmonary system, but disregards the cardiac system. Likewise, you shouldn’t hire a family law lawyer to resolve your case if he or she refuses to consider what makes your opponent tick.

Our largest aim is to help you achieve a “successful family reorganization.”

What is a “successful family reorganization?” It’s one in which you have all your questions answered and can make informed decisions. It’s a family law case that never has to go to court again. It’s one that shelters your children and they remain secure in the love of both parents. It’s one where the focus is on resolution rather than punishing your enemy.

Family law cases can be resolved using either a traditional court model, or alternative forms of dispute resolution. One way to resolve your case outside of court is to use the collaborative law process. In this process, both parties commit to resolve their family law issues, including division of property, child support or parenting plan issues outside of the court process. During a series of meetings, their attorneys assist the parties to communicate honestly and brainstorm a solution to the dispute.

Because resolution outside court requires cooperation by both parties, sometimes court intervention is appropriate and necessary. Successful family reorganization can also occur in the traditional court process – even when the other parent or spouse insists on taking high-conflict approach. When you’re stuck in a high conflict divorce or custody case, sometimes success is defined by giving you the information you need to strategically “pick your battles.” Not all drama (in fact very little of it) will actually affect the result of your case. When the other parent or spouse seems focused on creating conflict, we can help you protect your interests and preserve your dignity.

We have experience in both ends of the family law spectrum – from collaborative law to high-conflict divorce litigation. Amanda Cook has spent several years working for a Gig Harbor collaborative attorney followed by several more working at the high-conflict litigation firm of Jeffrey Robinson. She utilizes an array of skills to address a family law dispute, including the ability to protect you against the tactics of high-conflict divorce attorneys.

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