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The Best Divorce Results From Making Informed Decisions

Meet Amanda J. Cook, Family Law Attorney

Who says divorce and legal separation must be nasty? Not us.

As a results-driven Gig Harbor Divorce Attorney, we strive to focus on the end goal rather than getting bogged down in the process. All too often a divorcing spouse can “lose the forest for the trees.” Don’t let your family law attorneys dedicate significant financial and emotional resources to win an inconsequential battle when you should be focusing on winning the war itself.

We strive to educate our clients about the divorce process – perhaps we even over-educate our clients – for two purposes:

First, the best divorce results from making informed decisions. When you understand how the law is likely be applied, and the range of expected results, you can make important decisions early in your case. This saves time, money, and emotional energy.

Second, we recognize that “nasty” divorce is often the byproduct of a spouse’s uncertainty or insecurity over the future. Receiving accurate information early and often helps to eliminate offensive tactics driven by fear.

Common insecurities that result in high conflict divorce are fears of inadequate financial support, concerns regarding a family business, or high net-worth divorce. We have experience handling all of these issues. When necessary, we can bring in experts for tax, business, or financial advice.

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…Divorce and child custody issues are stressful enough to continually go through ,but Amanda always knew how to ease some of that stress. There’s no better feeling than having the utmost confidence in your attorney. Amanda was always there whenever we had questions or needed clarification. She’s hands down one of the best around!

Steve & Marissa

Amanda went above and beyond to help us in every way when it came to our custody issues. She was there for us every step of the way. Her knowledge and expertise helped us at every turn. She is a wonderful person and even better lawyer to have on your side. Thank you ever so much Amanda for your time and effort.