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A court order is more than a piece of paper with numbers down the side. It’s more than just a helpful guideline.

What do you do when your child’s other parent refuses to follow the parenting plan? What if the other parent doesn’t pay child support? Or your ex-spouse doesn’t pay spousal maintenance?

The provisions of a court order absolutely must be followed. If someone is not following parenting or support orders, he or she may be brought before the judge on a motion for contempt. If the judge finds that a person has knowingly refused to follow a court order, a wide array of sanctions can be imposed, including monetary fines or even imprisonment.

While filing a motion for contempt is certainly one option to address failure to pay support or follow the parenting plan, consider the benefits to your wallet, your health, and (most importantly) your family, if the matter can be resolved without such drastic action.

I would be happy to discuss your case and whether it might be worth trying to resolve the issue before filing a motion for contempt. These options may include the following:

Respectfully communicate to the other parent or your ex-spouse in writing, by letter or email. (Keep a copy!) State what you believe the court order requires and how it is not being followed, and request he or she provide a response by a certain date.

If there is a dispute about what your parenting plan requires, or about a decision regarding your child’s health, education, or activities, invite the other side to go to a mediator with you.

There are certainly instances where a motion for contempt is necessary. Some people just need to “hear it from the judge” before appreciating the seriousness of a court order. In those cases, I can help you to pursue a motion for contempt and get your family law case back on the right track.

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…Divorce and child custody issues are stressful enough to continually go through ,but Amanda always knew how to ease some of that stress. There’s no better feeling than having the utmost confidence in your attorney. Amanda was always there whenever we had questions or needed clarification. She’s hands down one of the best around!

Steve & Marissa

Amanda went above and beyond to help us in every way when it came to our custody issues. She was there for us every step of the way. Her knowledge and expertise helped us at every turn. She is a wonderful person and even better lawyer to have on your side. Thank you ever so much Amanda for your time and effort.