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The Law Office of Amanda J. Cook is a full service family law firm located in Gig Harbor, Washington. Because we limit our work to only one area of the law, we do it exceptionally well.

In addition to knowing the mechanics of a divorce, child support, or custody case, we understand relationships. Relationships are emotional and emotions drive motives. There is no other area of law in which the process is so affected by the emotions.

Many family law attorneys will attempt to treat a divorce as a sterile business transaction, refusing to acknowledge the emotional element. We think that’s a mistake. Your attorney serves you best when he or she understands the motives of your opponent, and in family law, those motives are typically driven by people’s emotions.

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We recognize the value of preserving civility in the legal process, particularly when working with families.

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Amanda J. Cook

Family Law and Collaborative Law Attorney

While I wish my bio stated that I am a former professional athlete and have a nonprofit organization eradicating the world of hunger and cancer, I can’t and won’t ever be able to say that.

I’m a normal person with children, a spouse, a career and struggles to balance those often competing interests. My bio likely will not impress my clients, but my clients likewise do not have to try impress me, because I live a real life and I “get” it.

I grew up in a traditional family in the Puget Sound. My mom stayed home to raise my two brothers, sister, and me while my dad made a career at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNS), in Bremerton. All three of my siblings have worked with my dad at PSNS or one of its sister naval bases, which jokingly referred to as the family business.

I was the outlier who went to law school. Attending a non-traditional law school allowed me to maintain a full-time job while earning my law degree. I mowed lawns and babysat, and worked retail and at a non-profit.

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Each and every client and their case matter to us.

…Divorce and child custody issues are stressful enough to continually go through ,but Amanda always knew how to ease some of that stress. There’s no better feeling than having the utmost confidence in your attorney. Amanda was always there whenever we had questions or needed clarification. She’s hands down one of the best around!

Steve & Marissa

Amanda went above and beyond to help us in every way when it came to our custody issues. She was there for us every step of the way. Her knowledge and expertise helped us at every turn. She is a wonderful person and even better lawyer to have on your side. Thank you ever so much Amanda for your time and effort.